Check out some of our tutorials for a great workout or improving form.

Example of Dolphin Diving

Dolphin Dives are faster than swimming so here are some DD tips. See how the kids run in using their arms and flaring their heels out as they run in. I call this The Pheobe run method.
Try it!

One Arm Swim Drill

Establish horizontal body position. Free style with one arm only & the opposite arm at your side. Focus on quick arm turnover & rotate from the hips to propel through water & establish horizontal body position. At half way point of pool switch arms.

Balance Swim Drill

Dynamic Stretching Warm Up

Celia Dubey takes you through a dynamic stretching routine. These easy stretches will get you ready for your workout and help prevent injury.

Seated Balance Drill

Deserted Island Resistance Workout

Obliques with Leg Lifts

Push Ups - 3 variations

Additional Resistance Workout Videos

Leg lifts with a crunch


Leg Lifts with a crunch


Walking lunges


Team Diamonds

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